©2020 by Karen Yarima Ramirez.

Hello, my name is Karen Yarima Ramirez!

I am a freelance illustrator, storyboard artist, and animator.

I currently work at Ryman Arts as a Fellow, and

under their wonderful guidance, I am honing my skills in leadership

and project management. I believe that through art we can build

stronger and enriched communities.


Growing up with limited opportunities, I began to crave 

positive changes in the communities around me. 

It also became my primary focus in art. My artwork is about witches

and wizards finding themselves lost in "half-worlds" or

creating magic rituals to obtain more than they ever got in reality.

My artwork is about space bunnies wondering

if they’ll ever find a home in outer space. This deep desire

to find a community we belong in, the desire for

positive changes, is universal. I believe that if someone ever wished

for more than they ever got, they might be closer to witches, aliens, and magic than they think.

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